Monday, January 28, 2013


It all started simply enough.  My brother in law said: "How come I cannot find a good hearty rye bread anymore.  Why can't I find those flavors anymore.. the super chewy, sour crusts?"

Yeah  and why do I feel I have to pay the 7 or 8 bucks to buy those  breads when   maybe I could learn to make them myself.  Its the sour taste I love and  crave in many old world breads.

I had never made a sourdough starter before.  The truth is, after 4 months of experimenting with sours or prefement, as some bakers call it,     it is like everything else... you have to know what to look for and watch for before you can throw away all recipes and rely on your own judgement.  But ah... the quest to know what it is you want.. that is the kick, the joy, the fun,  the adventure.

What are the flours like?  What kind of yeast is best?   Should you store starter in plastic, ceramic, glass?  What does "smelling like beer and baked apples" mean to you?  

What I love about making a sourdough starter is that you are working with the natural fermentation process and just trying to coax it along to achieve a flavor that is right balance of sour and sweet.. kind of like wine making and cheese making.  All you need is air, moisture, flour and salt..  and you end up with SOURDOUGH BREAD!


Unknown said...

Don Doner used to have a sourdough starter that he had kept alive for decades. I wonder if Tasha still has it, or knows someone who does. Maybe Lana?

Anina Marcus said...

Is this barbara? I am not sure who you are. Yes tasha gave me all his recipes.
I have my own starter going now for 5 months! Just confirm that you are barbara.